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7 Reasons Fathers Going Through Divorce Should Expect To Get Served with a Restraining Order
By Ron Lasorsa
Jan 20, 2009, Tue, 20 Jan 2009 06:33

A restraining order is issued in America every 32 seconds. If you're a father going through divorce, believe it or not, a restraining order or a false protection order against you is most likely in your future. If you are hit with a restraining order, you could lose your freedom, access to your children and your money without even knowing that it was happening.

How do I know this?

It happened to my father -- My parents got divorced when I was two years old. Out of revenge my mom intentionally kept my dad out of my life. I never knew my own father. He missed me growing up. I am sure this sad fact influences my actions to this day.

And, most recently it happened to me!

When my ex-wife served me with a fraudulent protection order, it was as if I was attacked while blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back. I didn't see it coming and when I was hit with a divorce and a restraining order that prevented me from seeing my children I felt helpless.

So, why would my Ex do such a despicable thing to me and our children you might ask?

7 Reasons Why Fathers Going Through Divorce Should Prepare for Getting Served with a Restraining Order

1. Your ex will want to end the relationship and come out as much of a "winner" as the law will allow (and believe me, it will allow a LOT!) I'm sorry to say it but our legal system is often manipulated in favor of women. If the husband was an actual abuser in any way, then yes, a restraining order should be served. If he actually committed a crime then he should be criminally charged and the kids taken away from him immediately. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and many innocent fathers are faced with fraudulent protection orders or restraining orders and dragged needlessly through the court system.

2. Your ex and her lawyer will want gain an advantage in a divorce. Many immoral divorce lawyers routinely advise women to get a restraining order so they can win custody, higher alimony and much more. That is exactly what my ex's lawyer did to me.

3. Your ex will want to quickly get custody of your children without a hearing. Yes, this is possible! Moreover, your ex-wife can actually have a secret hearing that you are NOT even allowed to attend.

4. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides Federal funding for the States to set up "professional victims" groups, whose sole purpose is to discriminate against men and perpetuate the stereotype that men are abusers. That's even if we are good, innocent dads in a bad marriage. This act financially incentivizes the "Divorce Industry" to take unnecessary actions against innocent fathers.

5. Your ex will simply watch you suffer because she's angry. I went through nearly 2 years of restraining order hell because my ex was simply angry with me. Because of this, I was continually subjected to criminal prosecution. My ex actually went so far as to tell all of my children that I did not want to see them even though I was prevented from doing so by the restraining order. It took me four (4) court hearings just to re-establish visitation with them while all that time my ex was telling them that I just did not want to see them. To this day, despite everything I have done to get them back in my life, I am sure they still believe her lies to a certain extent.

6. Your ex will want to control and manipulate you. Many ex-wives want you to beg for their mercy. As a caring father you don't want to be kept out of your children's lives. You don't want to miss their basketball games, softball games, martial arts competitions and dance recitals. You don't want to miss their birthday parties and their graduations. You don't want to miss watching your children grow up. If you don't have the proper knowledge, women can hang your children that you dearly love, your financial independence and your freedom over your head to get whatever they want from you.

7. Your ex will want to stop you from modifying custody after your child expresses a desire to live with you. To make sure my children felt unloved by me my wife didn't let me buy them any gifts. She never answered my phone calls. I was threatened not to show up when my son was very sick and in the hospital even though he asked for me to be there at his side. And, she told them lies about me. My oldest son didn't speak to me for 11 months because of her lies.

These are just seven out of thousands of motives that women have to get a restraining order against innocent fathers. Now I wrote this article for one reason and only reason only. I want to prepare to you for the inevitable. I didn't think it would happen to me yet it did and because I was unprepared, I went through 20 months of restraining order hell.

Because, I don't want that to happen to you, I encourage you to get my FREE eBook: "Root of All Evil Part 1: How the Divorce Industry Steals Kids Away From Innocent Dads" Get it now at: http://www.RestrainingOrder911.com

Here's to protecting yourself and your children today!

Kids Come First Coalition Founder Ron Lasorsa is an innocent father who went through 20 long months of restraining order hell. After almost losing his children and spending nearly $200,000 in legal fees, Ron now teaches innocent dads going through divorce how to beat a fraudulent restraining order. Now you can get his free eBook: Root of All Evil Part 1: How the Divorce Industry Steals Kids Away From Innocent Dads" at: http://www.RestrainingOrder911.com


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