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Don't Marry Until You Can Discuss Money!
Writer/submitter Helga Hayse writes:

The number one cause of divorce today is marital finances. Many couples wait to discuss finances until after they marry and then find they completely disagree about how to handle money. Avoid this trap by insisting that you discuss and understand how money will be handled before you marry.

Book Review: "Don't Worry About A Thing, Dear" Why Women Need Financial Intimacy
Writer/submitter Bonnie Jo Davis writes:

"Don't Worry About A Thing, Dear" is a softcover book, by author Helga Hayse, written for women who lack knowledge of their financial circumstances within their relationships.

Marriage; Infidelity-Cheating Husbands Can't Hide From The Truth
Writer/submitter Wendy Allen PhD writes:

We all lie—a world without “little white lies” would be uncivilized. But 99% of us have told bigger lies in our lifespan. For most of us, lies told in our personal life makes us feel bad. However, we still continue to lie and cheat.

Surviving Your Divorce
Writer/submitter Allyson Brandy writes:

An amicable divorce – what is that? We can remain friends even though our relationship didn’t work out. Yeah, right!

How To Stop The Fighting In Your Relationship
Writer/submitter Dr Brenda Shoshanna writes:

For some couples fighting is the fire that keeps their relationship alive. However, they often find that they are caught in a battle that cannot be won. This article, by well know psychologist, Dr Shoshanna, shows what people get out of fighting, the consequences, and how to let the anger go.


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