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child not returned from scheduled visitation(timeshare)
Writer/submitter Ben I Farbstein esq writes:

When the child is taken or not returned timely fashion, just exactly what should the parent do,

Being Separated or Legal Separation – What’s the Difference?
Writer/submitter Karin Quirk, Family Law Attorney writes:

"Effects Of Divorce: What Should You Consider When You're Thinking About Divorce?"
Writer/submitter Karl Augustine writes:

More often than not people decide to get a divorce before they really think about the effects of divorce. People usually decide to get a divorce based on emotion rather than logic which can hinder their long term happiness. Still, there are those that make their decision about getting a divorce by taking into account the effects that divorce can have on everyone involved. Some effects of divorce can be positive depending on your situation even though ‘divorce' is usually seen in a negative light. The effects of divorce are far too many to list here so let's concentrate on effects of divorce that seem most apparent and that address making a decision about divorce.

Children and Parents Adjust to Separation
Writer/submitter Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW writes:

With all the attention on the kids, parents had better remember, they are adjusting too!

"5 Ways To Ensure You Will Have a Happy Life After Divorce"
Writer/submitter Karl Augustine writes:

Life after divorce is something that most people who are going through divorce think about. Thinking about having a life after divorce or thinking about how your life will be after divorce, are common because people tend to fear for themselves.


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