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Getting Divorce? 5 Tax Tips You Need to Know
Writer/submitter Angela McIlveen writes:

Healing And Hope After A Broken Heart
Writer/submitter Kat Kehres Knecht writes:

Many of the women who seek my guidance as a relationship coach are suffering from a broken heart. In this article I share my own broken heart story and what I learned about healing and hope.

Top Ten Do's and Don't of Divorce
Writer/submitter Lois Misiewicz writes:

Divorce is a tumultuous time. You may find yourself thinking and doing things that are way out of character for you. I remember when I was involved with a divorce support group hearing many of the participants say “ I just don’t know this person anymore.” And they are right!

Zen and the Art of Estrangement
Writer/submitter Michael B. Greenstein writes:

Whether you are still in the same house together, negotiating a possible settlement, avoiding friction for the sake of your children, or simply trying to keep your blood pressure down while your case works its way forward through the court, your own perspective and conduct can make a big difference to your strategic situation and your quality of life. These suggestions might be useful to help you to avoid making a bad situation worse, or – better still – to turn your experience into a source of personal strength and growth.

Mediation Saves Money on a Divorce
Writer/submitter Cynthia M. Fox writes:

Divorce mediation saves a lot of money versus the traditional approach to divorce where each spouse is represented by an attorney. The main reason is that in mediation the "parties" negotiate directly with each other, rather than through their lawyers. Using an experienced attorney that is also a court-approved mediator offers several advantages versus working with someone trained only in mediation.


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