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Eight Strategies to Avoid Financial Ruin in a Divorce Case
Writer/submitter Joseph Carter writes:

Tips for avoiding financial hardship after a divorce.

How to Pick the Best Family Law Attorney for Your Divorce
Writer/submitter Joseph Carter writes:

Deciding which attorney you should hire to represent you in your divorce case is a crucial decision and one that can make the difference between getting a fair result or not. Here are some criteria that will allow you to improve your chances of hiring the best lawyer for the job.

Privacy of Information in a Divorce
Writer/submitter Hal Davis writes:

Often when people are in deep in their divorce, they realize some important questions. These questions are about when their spouse will find out about the divorce file, or when will their neighbors and friends find out about the divorce? Also, when will the divorce become public, or does it? These are questions I have come across and wanted to write my responses for others to view.

Choosing a Lawyer for Divorce
Writer/submitter Maury D. Beaulier writes:

Choosing a lawyer for your divorce is an important first step and one that can determine how you communicate with your counsel during the divorce.

Fear Factor: Minimizing Divorce Stress and Anxiety Through the Collaborative Process
Writer/submitter Lori Barkus writes:

The collaborative divorce process can minimize the impact of divorce on children and create a more positive relationship between the parties.


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