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How To Survive A Divorce & Still Be Happy
By Divorce-Forms.org
Sep 24, 2009, Thu, 24 Sep 2009 03:40

Finding out how to survive a divorce is crucial. Nobody ever plans for divorce. When you give thought to all of the stress, heartache and unhappiness that goes along with it, you wouldnít want to go through it.

However, it does happen more times than we care to mention here. And if you are going through it right now (or perhaps youíve just been through it) youíll no doubt be feeling a bit down and depressed over the whole episode right?


Because a divorce can oftentimes make a person frustrated and leave a person hurt and bewildered. And if youíre not careful and let yourself become resentful it can affect you for the remainder of your life. But on the flip side, you can triumph over the crisis and go on to live a happy and fruitful life.

Many people such as you are doing it, you can too!

The 1st thing you NEED to get done following a divorce is to care for yourself. Thereís almost always a tendency to focus on everybody else with the exclusion of you after a divorce, and the negative feelings tend to linger on.

It is important that you take a break and allow some time out for reflection. Itís really vital that you take back that part of you that may have been eaten-up by hatred and gain control of all your confused emotions.

The 2nd thing (and, the MOST important!) you should get done to survive a divorce is to be happy. This may sound easier said than done; but itís something you should DO if you want to survive.

Always remember that: Where thereís life, thereís hope! It may not seem like that now for you but as impractical as it sounds, itís the truth and itís also correct. You need to immerse yourself in the reality that youíre alive, single and destined to once again enjoy the most from your life.


You should plan for your days to be chock-full with purpose and joy. You can do this by filling you day with all of those small things which bring you happiness.

The 3rd thing you must do for you is... focus on a hopeful and happy future. Taking time out to focus for several minutes or hours a day to plan for the future can help you regain control and be positive steps towards healing. It wonít always be easy but as much as you can grab hold of the changes, and if you doÖ you will recover.

And the final and 4th thing you must get done in order to survive a divorce is not to allow anything to get you down. Keep your thoughts optimistic. Donít let a divorce rob you of lifeís joy or... itíll knock you right off course.

Promise yourself a better future and believe youíll pull it off. Donít slouch when you walk. Put a smile on your face and straighten up your shoulders. Life has so much more to offer you.


Remember, a divorce doesnít have to be the end. Itís just a new door to a more fulfilling and rewarding life for you.

Get your hands on as many inspirational and motivation books as you can and siphon off all of the positive information and advice available to you.

These types of publications are priceless and can be great aids for tackling any problems life throws your way.

Live life optimistically.

For more information on marriage and divorce as well as free access to database of state specific downloadable divorce forms  please visit the authors website at www.divorce-forms.org


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