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Collaborative Law Divorce
By Amy Spier
Apr 23, 2008, Wed, 23 Apr 2008 12:11

Divorce is widely renowned as one of the most painful and arduous processes that a person may go through in their lifetime. Once the decision is made to separate, several other issues must then be addressed. Many decisions and problems that must be faced become twice as complicated, because underneath all of these problems are the associated emotions. Both spouses are not only dealing with the loss of financial resources, but the loss of hopes and dreams as well.

The end result of this combination is enough to unnerve anyone going through the process of divorce. From start to finish,the process can drain your wallet, drain your resources, and drain you emotionally.

Divorce does not necessarily always have to be this painful and stress filled, however. For some couples, a process known as collaborative law has proved to be an answer for their desire to settle and move forward in the most painless manner possible. Collaborative law offers a structured process that is an alternative to court and litigation. Making the choice to avoid litigation by using collaborative law has many benefits, the most widely renowned being that it allows you to focus specifically on what is most important to each spouse, the family, and your future.

There are several things to take into account when considering the option of a collaborative law divorce. This method of divorce has proved most successful and rewarding for couples concerned with protection of their children and family from the stress litigation can cause. Collaborative law is also very successful with divorcing couples who feel that reaching a positive solution that will benefit the entire family by working in a respectful and focused environment is a priority. This process is much more focused on creative problem solving and trouble shooting with mutual benefit to both parties, whereas litigation can often turn into a bitter fight often at the expense of both spouses.

Another important component to think about when beginning the divorce process is the total cost that will be accumulated when all is said and done. According to the 2006 State of Our Unions report, in the U.S., the average divorce costs nearly $50,000, and $175 billion is spent annually on divorce, most of this being on litigation. This number can be staggering for any household. Though costs do not completely disappear in the collaborative law venue, the total amount spent is overwhelmingly less simply by avoiding litigation completely.

When a couple decides to go through with their divorce using collaborative law as the vehicle, all participants concur to work together civilly, truthfully, and with respect to try to find solutions that will be favorable the reasonable wishes of both parties. It is also agreed upon that no one will go to court, or even threaten to do so. Should this happen, the collaborative law process is immediately halted and both lawyers are ineligible for further participation in the case.

Obviously, collaborative law is not for everybody. In some circumstances, divorce litigation proves to be inevitable. If you are not sure if collaborative law is right for your specific situation, contacting a collaborative lawyer in your area should be your first step. They can review your situation with you, and work with you to reach a decision that is most applicable to your particular circumstances. No two divorces are the same, and it is the goal of an attorney to aid you in finding the proper means with which to facilitate your divorce in the most appropriate way.

If looking into a collaborative law divorce in the Central Valley or Fresno area, you can begin the process by contacting the collaborative lawyers at Childs & Childs at (559) 225-6769 to set up a consultation. It is important to work with attorneys who are experienced and well trained in collaborative law, or they will prove to be less effective, and cause the entire experience to be much more expensive. Should litigation prove to be necessary and unavoidable to your specific situation, both Erin Rhames-Childs and Jerry Childs are also experienced in divorce litigation.

For furthur information on collaborative law divorce and its benefits, visit their website at http://www.childsandchilds.com/


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